In this exciting Jump ’n’ Run Adventure that challenges your dexterity, you help  to navigate some of your favorite Worry Eaters on a journey through wondrous and thrilling paper worlds. Although pursuing the same goal of collecting as many colorful paper stars as possible on the way, each Worry Eater has a very unique mode of travel. Saggo speeds through a dreamy space-land where the law of gravity doesn’t apply, whereas Frula catches a ride with a giant, rotating flower. Sepp catapults himself through an incredible land of milk and honey. And Schnulli’s skillful belching ability is a perfect propellant for crossing the seven seas.

The adventure-filled game – available at the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Shop – not only offers 80 different exciting levels, but also a very intuitive, easy to use game control that both appeals to young and old.