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We are asked very often: “Who pulls the strings behind the WORRY EATERS?” Well, besides their creator Gerhard Hahn, it is Helle Freude GmbH, located in Berlin, Germany. We ensure that the distribution of the WORRY EATERS runs smoothly in Europe, as well as in South America, Israel and Asia. Together with our partner, The […]

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All children have worries or fears. Some are big, some are small – but for our little ones, all of them are very real and challenging! This is where the WORRY EATERS and their munching mouths come into play. Children can write or, if they prefer, draw their problems on a piece of paper. They then feed […]

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During a restless night in 2008, being affected by the financial crisis and its impact on the media industry, the passionate animation producer and director Gerhard Hahn suddenly had an inspiration: Wouldn’t it be great to have a little companion to help you deal with all your worries? Thus, the WORRY EATERS came to life […]

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